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Columbus Unscripted Improv Comedy Festival

Once again Columbus hosted a notable comedy festival, complete with guest performers from L.A., Chicago, New York and numerous other locales. The week long event included workshops and shows. 


The kickoff of the festival involved a feature story on local FOX28, whose popular morning show, Good Day Columbus, spotlighted several local improvisers. I was invited to be a part of the TV broadcast.



I also got to close out the festival as the headliner of the Columbus Unscripted Stands Up for Standups show, which just happened to be the final event.


9.3.15 - 9.5.15

Columbus recently hosted its first festival dedicated to stand up comedy with nationally touring acts who collectively hold numerous television and major club credits!


Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 3-5, 2015, Columbus's Short North District was home to more than 20 standup comedy shows collectively known as the Arch City Comedy Festival.


I had the honor of hosting 2 shows during this inaugural event. Information for next year's festival will be available through the website: www.archcitycomedyfestival.com



Leslie Battle Wins Crackers Comedy Club Open Mic COntest 

But yes, late last month, in a surprise to me (at least) I won the Crackers contest in spite of being an out of towner and having some pretty amazing competition. The prize for winning the contest was a weekend of guest spots, opening for comedy genius Greg Hahn. The feature was Chloe Hilliard, a gorgeous lady from NYC. I had a great time working with them and getting to know the staff at the club.


So I'm not sure if I am going to keep this page or not. I'm not convinced that my comedy life is exciting enough to have my shows pages, a blog and a news page. So this is kinda an experiment and you get to be my lab rats!

Columbus Funny Bone Talent Search Winner

After 3 1/2 years of trying, I earned the title of "Funniest Person in Columbus" at the Columbus (Ohio) Funnybone Comedy Club.


After 7 weeks of competition, the original field of 52 competitors was narrowed down to 13. The majority of the comics involved in this round of the contest have been performing in the Columbus area for 2 or more years.


The prize for winning included a weekend of guest sets opening for a nationally touring comic.  I was able to work with the amazing Ralph Harris and super talented Tom Dustin. Several of the shows were sold out and we had a great time working together.

Disgruntled Ex inspires COmedy Career

After getting dragged through the mud in divorce court, I needed an activity that would provide me with some ego stroking so I wouldn't buy into the idea that I'm a horrible person. Enter Standup Comedy, an art form which is surprisingly structured while at the same time a bit unpredictable. I am able to express myself candidly and the experience has been far more healing than all those counseling sessions. And oh yeah....the ex is pretty pissed that I have been able to move on...so there's that ;)